Reading analytics

The goal

Give educators more advanced teaching tools

The reading analytics we provide can be use to track students' reading levels, exposure to new genres, and interests over time. All while making reading more interesting for kids.

Analytics we provide

Reading profiles

For each student, Bookji creates a personalized reading profile. We provide educators with an overview of each student's/child's reading habits. This inlcudes whether or not they are reading above or below thier Lexile® Level, their favorite genres, and book interests.


Breakdown of books read

Ideally, students should be pushing themselves to read more challenging texts. Bookji lets educators see if the books their students are reading fall above, below, or in the range of their Lexile® Levels. Educators can easily compare individual students to their classmates.


Breakdown of books kids want to read

Bookji also lets educators see which books their students want to read and whether or not those books are above, below, or in the range of their reading level. This helps educators see if their students are on the right track.


Genres exposed to over time

Bookji's main goal is to get kids reading more. But ideally elementary and middle school students should expand their horizons when it comes to reading different genres. Bookji lets educators track the generes students are reading over time to see if they are being exposed to new ones.


Reading interests

Having students react to books with emojis provides many unique insights into the type of books students are looking for. Bookji provides educators with a breakdown of the books they have reacted to and all the emoji searches they make.


Lexile® Level percentiles

Track your student's Lexile® Level over time and see and what national percentile they fall into.


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