Book Squads


What are book squads?

The newest way to inspire reading with friends

Bookji books squads are a fun and innovative way for friends to talk about books and become inspried to read. See what your friends are reading, create book posts to your squad, and offer to share books.

How it works

Form your squad

Bookji doesn't just ask standard questions like: What is your favorite genre? Instead, our recommendation engine gets to the heart of what kids are interested in by asking them fun, unique and engaging questions.


What friends are reading

Bookji lets kids in the same squad see what their freinds are reading, want to read, and what books they have reacted to.


Squad activity

Kids can see all the activity in the squad including the most recent book reactions, and which books you can find in the school library, local library, and what books are available to borrow.


Borrow a book

Kids can see which books their friends want them to read and would be willing to share their copy. Our aim is to encourage kids to talk about books more with their friends.


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