A new reading platform for kids

Learn more about how we modernize reading for young readers across the US and provide educators with smarter teaching analytics!


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Emoji search

Emoji search makes finding and rating a book more fun for young readers and exposes them to new genres.

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Book matching algorithm

Bookji matches young readers to books that mirror their imaginations. Helping them to get started with reading.

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Powerful analytics

Bookji provides various reading statistics so educators can help individual students.

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Connect with friends

Young readers can see how their friends have reacted to books and become inspired to read through their peers.

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Reading social media

Social media is a fantastic resource to find interesting children's books, now it's actually suited for young readers.

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Book sharing

Bookji makes it easy for young readers to share books with one another and encourages young readers to do so!


Are you an educator interested in getting kids excited about reading? Or using analytics to help students learn better?

Curated books

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Save time finding the right books for your kids. Let them have more fun reading.

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Emoji search feature

Emoji search

Student analytics feature

Student analytics

Book matching algorithm feature

Book matching algorithm

Classroom social media feature

Classroom social media