Our algorithm


Our goal

Find books that mirror your imagination

Our book matching algorithm seeks to match children to right book for themselves. Our algorithm also allows young readers to pick out book on their own.

What we believe

“If you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book.” - JK Rowling

How our algorithm works

The perfect match

Bookji doesn't just ask standard questions like: What is your favorite genre? Instead, our recommendation engine gets to the heart of what young readers are interested in by asking them fun, unique and engaging questions.


Level-based recommendations

Bookji is integrated with Lexile® to match young readers to appropriate books based on their reading level. If young readers do not know their Lexile® Level, they can still search for books based on grade. However, Bookji encourages young readers to use Lexile® Reading Levels to find books that will be more engaging and level-appropriate.

Learn more about how Bookji uses Lexile® Reading Levels


Image taken from https://lexile.com depicting how books are matched to students based on reading level.

Manageable results

Other reading platforms present dozens or even hundreds of books as options for children to read. When young readers use Bookji, getting started becomes less overwhelming because we provide a small set of personalized recommendations.


Curated selection

Bookji has hand-curated and classified all of the books we recommend to children. We are also constantly updating our book list to include new releases!


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