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Our mission

To modernize reading for young readers

Bookji's mission is to modernize reading for young readers across the US. Our focus is on making books more exciting and providing educators with more advanced teaching tools.

Our story

Designed for all young readers

Bookji began as a final project for the Princeton English course, ENG 385: Children's literature. The original idea stemmed from the fact that I, Bookji's founder, did not like to read in grade school. This is because I struggled to find books that suited my imagination. I knew my experience with reading was shared with other students, so I decided to create a platform that gave young readers the tools to find books that better mirrored themselves.

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Our founder

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Will Peters

21, Princeton student


Kids love Bookji

Here's what young readers are saying about us from Oradell Public schools in New Jersey.

"10 out of 10 for sure"

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"this is FIREEE"

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